Welcome To Restore With Gisele

Gisele Mogan

Throughout my 20 years of practicing Restorative and Meditation, I have enjoyed teaching thousands of classes, workshops, private sessions, teacher trainings and retreats across Canada, USA and now Thailand. From my own experience of dealing with Chronic Lyme Disease, anxiety and sleep issues, I have developed a deep commitment to empower and support others on their healing journey. I have continually studied with many teachers and holistic doctors around the world, to always improve my ability to share practical, nourishing and healing tools. With an emphasis on self-care and mindfulness, I love to provide insights and motivate others to show up for themselves to realize their own natural abilities to heal and live the life they truly desire.


Linda, Real Estate Agent, Connecticut

Gisele always seems to know what her participants need and she infuses her practices and teachings with many other healing modalities. All her work is delivered with such compassion. She is so devoted to her students. I have found more joy and peace in my life.

Bonnie, Yoga Student, New Jersey

During my very first class with Gisele, I knew her Restorative practices were going to change so much for me. I could feel a shift in the way I responded to life’s events, my sleep improved and I felt a calmness within. I will forever be thankful for Gisele coming into my life.

Neetu, Yoga Teacher for Kids, New Jersey

Gisele is extremely knowledgeable, nurturing and supportive. I really enjoy the different themes she shares and always feel refreshed and restored. She has affected my life in a profound and positive way.

Julia, Yoga Student, New Jersey

Gisele’s classes provide a space to relax, process, and be calm. She has changed the way I sleep and respond to stress. I can’t recommend her classes enough.

Carolyn, Yoga Teacher, New Jersey

In this fast paced and sometimes unsettling world we live in, Gisele’s sessions allow me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. Gisele is a wonderful teacher and her classes are a gift for yourself.

You Can Take Positive Steps for Your Body and Mind

  • Insomnia / Sleep Issues

    Improve sleep and well-being from a restful body and mind

  • Anxiety

    Bring your mind back into balance using calming techniques

  • Depression

    Build habits to create a positive mindset